Your new adventure – settling in

Congratulations – you will soon be starting a new job in the city of Vienna.

It took a lot of thinking, a lot of decision making and a lot of preparations. Maybe you have had the support of a relocation service, maybe you took care of everything by yourself. You would like to take a little break now, but there are still so many big and small tasks to attend to: the apartment needs to be arranged, you and your family want to get your bearings around your neighbourhood. Settling in soon and get on with everyday life is all you want. There are still numerous decisions to be made and at the same time, all you want is to fully concentrate on your new job.

Your help to settle in

This is where I can support you and your family. You want to feel at home soon? I will help you to quickly and effectively furnish your new apartment. You cannot find the time during the week to run errands for your new home? Let me do that for you. There are hundreds of questions about living in Vienna? Whatever it is, ask me.

A journey with a guide

Even if you do speak German, you will be puzzled about a lot of things. I must know. I myself moved to Vienna from Germany. That was in 1995 and I still love living here. The cultural differences are part of your new adventure. But sometimes they might make you feel insecure. Share your observations with me and let me be your ”cultural interpreter“. Tell me about your needs and I will help you settle in soon. Let me free your mind so that you can discover Vienna fully and start enjoying your life here.